Vasiliki Chatzisgouri

Vasiliki Chatzisgouri holds a

  • B.Sc. in Electric Engineer from Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Professional Profile

  • She is a teacher, working at Greek public technical -vocational schools since 1993.
  • She is currently attached to the Institute of Educational Policy as a member of the Technical and Vocational Education Unit, the Educational Innovation Unit as well as the Office for Educational Research and Assessment.

Publications & Projects

She has published and conducted research on the field of Apprenticeship in technical -vocational schools

Her research interests focus on Technical and Vocational Education

She has participated in the following projects/programs:

  • P.A. “Teacher/trainers training in Apprenticeship
  • P.A. “Upgrade of the curricula and educational material for vocational secondary education and the 4th year of Apprenticeship”