Kostas Karnavas

Karnavas Konstantinos

Kostas Karnavas holds a

  • B.Sc. in History from History Department of Ionian University (Corfu)
  • Ed. in educational studies from Hellenic Open University, and
  • is Ph.D. candidate in Department of Archives, Library and Museology of Ionian University (Corfu), with dissertation title: “The administrative and legal integration in the Greek state of northern and eastern Aegean islands that liberated during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913)”

Professional Profile

  • He is a teacher, working at Greek public secondary schools since 2007.
  • He is currently attached to the Institute of Educational Policy in the Humanities and Literature Unit, as well as in the School Administration, Rights and Gender Equality Unit.

Publications & Projects

He has published/conducted research on the following fields:

  • History
  • Military analysis
  • International relations

His research interests focus on

  • Greek literature
  • History
  • Modern Greek language
  • Philosophy

He has participated in the following projects/programmes:

Study Visits (as project manager: 2009-2011, State Scholarships Foundation/IKY)

Comenius IST (as project manager: 2011-2013, State Scholarships Foundation/IKY)

He has participated in:

  • Study Visits program annual meeting (Cedefop, Thessaloniki, 2010)
  • Comenius program conference (European Commission, Brussels, 2012)
  • He has implemented/organized the following Study Visits meetings/conferences:
  • Supporting disadvantaged groups in primary and secondary education, Corfu, 23-27/01/2012.
  • Reforming the Greek educational system, Athens, 5-9/12/2011.
  • Innovative approaches to reinforcing respect for the environment, Corinth, 26-30/09/2011
  • Integration of migrants through civil society and State mechanisms, Athens, 9-13/05/2011.
  • Creative learning pathways in formal and non-formal education, Patras, 4-8/04/2011.
  • An overview of lifelong learning, Corfu, 17-20/01/2011.
  • Creating a “sustainable” school, Athens, 22-26/11/2010.
  • Environmental education in primary and secondary schools, Larissa, 26-30/04/2010.
  • Use of laboratories for teaching sciences and gaining vocational competences, Athens, 15-18/03/2010
  • Strategies of education for sustainable development in Greece, Athens, 8-11/02/2010
  • Legislation and institutions for pupils with special needs in Greece, Athens, 23-27/11/2009
  • Foreign language teaching and learning in primary, secondary and higher education, Corfu, 19-22/10/2009

He has implemented many educational school programs and is assessor of Erasmus+ program.




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