Maria Sotiriou Patsis

Patsi MariaMaria Sotiriou Patsis

  • Degrees, School of Fine Arts, Department of Plastic and Applied Arts - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 1996 - 1997, 1st Degree at Painting workshop, 2003, 2nd Degree Engraving workshop
  • Postgraduate studies: 2003 - 2005, Postgraduate studies by Scholarship, State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), Production of artistic work program for engraving, implemented at Xenis Sachinis Engraving Workshop (elaborated at the Department of Plastic and Applied Arts) - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
  • Doctoral Degree: 2011 Theory of Arts, School of Fine Arts, Department of Plastic and Applied Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Professional Profile

2017 – 2018 Consultant B’ in the field of Arts Unit to the Institute of Educational Policy and she is producing Curriculum instructions and analysis about Arts in School primary secondary higher education

  • She is an Art-Teacher, working at Greek Public Secondary schools since 1999(at 2002 passed ASEP exams), Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection

1997 – 1998, Art Teacher for all age groups, at the “Cultural Center” of Ag. Pavlos, “1997 - Thessaloniki Cultural City of Europe” Thessaloniki

  • 2005 – 2006, Assistant to the Engraving Workshop, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Fine Arts School, Aristotle University Thessaloniki

2007 – 2010, Ministry of Education, Research and Religion, Department of Secondary Education (curriculum, timetable, course assignments, Secondary Education - Technical Education), Participation at the Technique Education, METRO 2.3. ΕΠΕΑΕΚΙΙ Ministry of Education, Research and Religion, Department of Secondary Education

2012 – 2015 - Institute of Educational Policy, IEP: Group Participation at the Department for Special Education, Conversion school books for weak sighted students, Group Participation at the Working Group for elaboration curriculums and educational guides for Teachers and high school Teachers, Schools of Arts, “New Curriculum”, (School of 21st century) OPS 295450, and Subproject 9, Co funded projects of IEP, Institute of Educational Policy

  • 2016 – Group Participation for “Rationalization of curriculum”, ΑΔΑ:6ΥΕΤΟΞΛΔΡΔΙ, Institute of Educational Policy
  • 2016 – 2017 Rapporteur at the Educational Conference for School Counselors, “Rationalization of curriculum”, Ministry of Education Research and Religion, Institute of Educational Policy , September 2016, Athens

Publications & Projects

She is painter and engraver, interested in Visual issues also in Theories of Plastic & Applied Arts about Aesthetics, Sociology and Teaching Methods

She has published research on the following fields: “Visual issues” and “Art Theories”, Individual Exhibitions and participations in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in the museums, foundations, in Greece and abroad

Individual exhibitions and art catalogues with documents from Historians of Arts

  • 2016 - “Mentor”, Scientific Essays and Researches , Publication of research project, Issue 14, ISSN 2529-1211, Copyright © 2016, Institute of Educational Policy, Athens
  • 2011 – 2012, “The Concept of the Multiple in the Postmodern art, New Dimension of Engraving”, 2011, [GRI-2012-8794], National Documentation Center DOI 10.12681/eadd/27193
  • 2018 - Bath House of the Winds, Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Athens
  • 2007 –Exhibition and Art Catalogue, publisher Vafopoulio Cultural Center,
  • 2006 – Art and Exhibition Catalogue “Techni” Macedonian Company of Arts, Kilkis
  • 2005 –Exhibition and Art Catalogue, publisher Gallery “Irmos” ,
  • 2004 – Art and Exhibition Catalogue, publisher, Academia of Thracian Art and Tradition, Xanthi,
  • 1997-98 “Cultural Center” of Ag. Pavlos, “1997 - Thessaloniki Cultural City of Europe” Thessaloniki

She is mentioned about her private exhibitions TO NEWSPAPERS, RADIOSHOWs, TVSHOWs

Awards about her work from participation and competitions TRIENNALE – BIENNALE, INVITATION for participation 4th Biennial Douro, Alijo, Portugal, 1999-2000 Greek Competition in Painting for Public Secondary Schools participation and excellence for her students at Kavala, Greece, 2004 - «John Kefallinos» Greek Competition «Elia» Museum of Egraving T. Katsoulidis.




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