Maria Dokopoulou

Maria Dokopoulou holds a

  • B.Sc. in Biology from Department of Biology , University of Athens,
  • M.Sc. in Biology from Department of Biology, University of Athens, and
  • She is a phD candidate in the School of Chemical Engineering, National and Technical University of Athens

Professional Profile 

  • She is a teacher, working at Greek public secondary schools since 2005.
  • She is currently (2016) attached to the Institute of Educational Policy as a Consultant in the field of Biology.

Publications & Projects

She has published research on the following fields:

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics of T1 Diabetes.
  • Multimedia applications for Teaching Biology in Secondary Education.

Her research interests focus on

  • Teaching Biology in multicultural classes
  • The impact of ICT in teaching Science

She has participated in the following projects

  • P.A. 2014 – 2020: “Teacher training  on the utilization and implementation of digital technology in teaching – Sub Project :Development of content – training”.
  • P.A. 2014 – 2020: “Training interventions for the support of school structures of the educational system– Supporting refugee education” - MIS 5004204.

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