"ACT-ACTive citizenship projects to enhance pupilssocial and civic competences"

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The European Programme Erasmus+ KA3 “ACT ACTive citizenship projects to enhance pupils’ social and civic competences” is an international, innovative project aimed at enhancing pupils’ social and civic competences. It is addressed to Lower Secondary School students (Gymnasio), aged 13-15, as well as to their teachers.

The purpose of the project is the experimental implementation of new teaching methods regarding citizenship within the educational framework, as well as their evaluation in order to identify those practices which contribute to the formation of active and responsible citizens.

Specifically, the project includes: a) teacher’s participation in training seminars so as to become familiar with the basic tools of the project b) production of teaching-training material c) implementation of the project in the classroom, during which teachers provide guidance to their students for the selection, design and implementation of an ‘ACT Project” and d) evaluation of the project implementation. ACT Projects are developed around the following modules: combating discrimination, social integration and cultural otherness. During the implementation of the project, teachers’ efforts are supported through e-mentoring.

In total, 12 partners from 4 countries participate in ACT: 4 Education Ministries, 5 Research Centres and 3 Public Institutes from 4 countries (France, England, Greece and Spain). It is financed by the European Programme Erasmus+ and is being implemented within a 3-year period (28/02/2017-27/02/2020).

At the present stage of the project, its pilot run in 3 schools of Attica is being completed and the full run in 100 schools around Greece is being prepared.



Project Manager for I.E.P.: Aspasia Oikonomou