Social Sciences

The main purpose of the Unit of Social Sciences (law 4547/2018) is to address proposals to the Administrative Board of IEP about issues related to Social Sciences in the Primary and Secondary education such as: curricula and curriculum development, writing and amending school textbooks, editing of teachers’ guidelines, assigning teachers to subjects etc.

Furthermore, the Unit provides policy guidelines on related scientific issues, among others: suitability of pedagogical material, of surveys and various educational projects to be conducted in school units.

Moreover, the Scientific Unit of Social Sciences:

  • designs and submits research proposals,
  • participates in the planning and implementation of European and co-financed programs,
  • promotes continuous communication with the entire educational community,
  • organizes and takes part in conferences, seminars etc.
  • participates in the development and implementation of educational policy in areas within its scope.

Oikonomou Aspasia
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335410aspaikon[at]
Danti Athina CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335408adanti[at]
Doni Eleni CV icon
Kindergarten Teacher
Consultant A2131335569edoni[at]
Giovanoglou Sofia CV icon
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335334sgiovanoglou[at]
Gortsila Evgenia CV icon
Physical Education Teacher
Consultant B2131335307egortsila[at]
Halkiotis Dimitrios CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335221dhalkiotis[at]
Kastanias Theodoros CV icon
Physical Education Teacher
Consultant B2131335164thkastanias[at]
Katsandri Eftihia CV icon
Koliofoti Olga CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Kotsira - Tampakopoulou Anastasia CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335202akotsira[at]
Koutsoumpou Maria CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335164mkoutsoumpou[at]
Mavrikakis Evangelos CV icon
Econonomics Teacher
Mpekridakis Dimitrios
Religion Teacher
Mpomparidou Chrissi CV icon
Educational Support
Nella Athina CV icon
Econonomics Teacher
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335207anella[at]
Nikakis Vasileios CV icon
Greek Language Teacher
Provatari Sofia
Econonomics Teacher
Consultant A2131335128sprovatari[at]
Psaltou Efstratios CV icon
Religion Teacher
Consultant B2131335406epsaltou[at]
Tsiaousi Dimitra CV icon
Greek Language Teacher

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