Teacher Training Office

The principal responsibilities of the Teacher Training Office involve:

  1. planning the national strategy for teacher training and education and monitoring its implementation,
  2. submitting proposals to the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, cooperating with relevant departments and institutions of the Ministry and other Ministries, as well as other Greek or international organizations for the design and implementation of teacher training and education schemes,
  3. issuing opinions on the distribution of national and Community resources available for teacher education and teacher training proposals submitted to the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs,
  4. certifying training institutions, coordinating and monitoring the implementation, certification and evaluation of teacher training procedures,
  5. establishing and maintaining trainers registries on the basis of clearly defined criteria,
  6. developing and implementing training programs and actions,
  7. conducting and / or commissioning studies and surveys related to teacher training,
  8. arranging publicity events for the promotion and dissemination of the results of various training schemes,
  9. attending to any further development and sustainability of various training schemes.


Charitonidou Androniki
(Coordinator)CV icon
French Language Teacher
Consultant A2131335566aharitonidou[at]iep.edu.gr
Computer Science Teacher
Primary School Teacher
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335302agiannikas[at]iep.edu.gr
Religion Teacher
Evaggelinos Marios CV icon
German LanguageTeacher
Consultant B2131335506mevaggelinos[at]iep.edu.gr
Ioannidou Maria - Eleni CV icon
French Language Teacher
Mpomparidou Chrissi CV icon
Educational Support
Piliouras Panagiotis
Primary School Teacher
Consultant A2131335557ppiliouras[at]iep.edu.gr
Pitsikalis Stavros CV icon
Electronics Teacher
Consultant B2131335360spitsikalis[at]iep.edu.gr
Stouraitis Konstantinos CV icon
Consultant A2131335147kstouraitis[at]iep.edu.gr